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Back in 2017, a couple of engineers, fresh graduates from Chandigarh, Punjab, India, had this ridiculous dream about making the next generation e-bikes. It was 2017, e-bikes were already in vogue in Europe, especially Amsterdam and Paris. Getting on the bandwagon was a risky proposition but Shubham Goyal and (Co-Founder Name) were determined to make a wholesome commitment to sustainability and plunged into the business of building e-bikes. That is how ZADD Cycles was born.
Fast forward to 2020, ZADD Cycles is poised to launch its cargo bike, ZADD Utility, in the market. Upcoming launches - ZADD Fleet and ZADD X1 are not too far down the line.
The vision of the company is to make mobility greener without compromising on technology and convenience.
The founders envisaged making a dream e-bike, something aspirational.
The e-bike would have the right mix of technology and ergonomics; something that both the engineer who built it and the owner who rides it can be proud of. That dream has taken the shape of ZADD X1, a bike ``For the Road Ahead`` as the company likes to call it. The bike boasts of multiple technological interventions including IoT locks, autonomous controls, great range, and a phenomenal design. The launch is set for 2021.

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